We are Sara Group Holdings, Dubai

Welcome to Sara Group Holdings (SGH), one of the leading FMCG distributors in the UAE with over 4 decades of expertise in building and distributing brands across the UAE. Sara Group Holdings ensures your brand receives the optimum level of visibility, achieved through the successful implementation of both dedicated and comprehensive marketing strategies, delivering targeted weighted and numerical distribution.

Market Knowledge

Exceptional knowledge of the UAE market with proven expertise in analyzing key market trends, competitor analysis and identifying future avenues of growth. Sara Group Holdings aggressively applies its detailed knowledge of the unique and fast developing the UAE market. This approach has been successful in expanding categories and growing market shares. The wider SARA business is a diverse and dynamic group of companies, which have an outstanding record of growth and achievement in the key GCC markets of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


A comprehensive, class-leading business partner, centrally located in Dubai Investment Park 2. (DIP2). Featuring a modern head office located in DIP2, state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehouse facilities and a comprehensive network of strategically positioned Sales Offices, Sara Group Holdings provides full coverage of the United Arab Emirates.

  • Full Weighted and Numerical coverage of the retail trade within the UAE.
  • Centrally located temperature-controlled warehouse.
  • Reliable and consistent FMCG distribution in the UAE, offering full in-house regulatory support to manage and facilitate any product registrations with DM, ESMA, and the Ministry of Health.
  • Advanced operating and management information systems.
  • Marketing professionals to develop and implement brand plans.
  • Key account handlers for major retail trade management.
  • Sales and merchandising teams to implement sales and distribution plans.
  • Dedicated Pharmaceutical sales force supported by medical representatives.
  • Cash vans to distribute to local groceries and traditional store base.
  • Dedicated team to cater to wide spectrum of e-commerce customers.


Enhance your brand reach with the dedicated sales & marketing teams, to deliver and implement dedicated strategic and operational marketing plans.

For over 40 years, Sara Group Holdings has ensured the sales and marketing goals of our globally recognized brands are achieved through the synergistic integration of the globally defined strategies of our international trading partners alongside the local market knowledge of the Sara business team.

Supported by ‘clearly defined’ and ‘class-leading’ Sales, Marketing, and Merchandising personnel. Sara Group Holdings has a proven track record in brand-building, market share growth, and product category expansion.

To brand owners, we offer everything you would expect from a class leading FMCG distribution house, including business and marketing planning, assistance on labelling and packaging issues, Ministry of Health product registration (if this is required for OTC products) and full coverage of all relevant retail trade sectors.

To retailers, we offer the best service as FMCG goods distributors, backed by one of the UAE’s strongest and best organized sales and merchandising teams covering all key personal care and household categories.

Both brand owners and retailers benefit from the combined expertise of our sales executives, merchandisers and marketing team and have the convenience of being able to deal with one point of contact for the whole market.


Sara Group Holdings serves as a one-stop solution for all FMCG distribution in the UAE. We offer full coverage of the UAE’s retail trade with on-ground sales support, a vast logistics network and 360-degree marketing support.

Comprehensive coverage of consumer products retailers including:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Independent groceries
  • Pharmacies
  • Duty-Free stores
  • Petrol station forecourt convenience stores
  • Department stores / Mother & Baby stores
  • Toy retailers
  • Hotels and Sport / Beach Clubs
  • On-Line Retail